Sunday, 3 November 2013

October Fire Season

Scott's photo viewing his smoke laden street.

October was fire season in New South Wales.
And fire visited my son's world south of Sydney.

October 17 - This fire seems to be cooking along. Creating its own clouds. 
Pity my fire service assessment is still yet to come 
or I'd be getting dirty by now.

Scott's photo

Things have settled down around Hill Top.
There was a lot of chatter here,
but the wind pushed it towards Yanderra which is still in a lot of trouble. 
Heaps of wind too. 
Took this tree out, 
and blew in one of next door's chooks 
which my dog found very very interesting.

October 21 - Everyone's alert over here, but not in immediate danger.
So keeping a close eye on things, especially in this fantastic clothes drying weather.
 Charcoal is good for absorbing stench,
and smoke comes from something becoming charcoal,
so I might be on to something!

Scott's photo 

Saw a liitle clear sky this afternoon along with a rainbow ring around the sun. 
Funny to think with the warmer days and fire throwing hot plumes into the sky, 
the colours are caused by ice.

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